Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley Quiz

Q.1 Elvis Presley was related to one of the US Presidents. Which one?
Q.2 Elvis Presley was nicknamed as _______
Q.3 Elvis Presley had two private jets. And they are up for an auction, although they are not airworthy. One of them, Lockheed JetStar, was named Hound Dog II. The other one was vintage Convair 880. What was it named?
Q.4 Elvis Presley acted in 31 movies, which one was the first that was released in 1956?
Q.5 What is Elvis Presley's mansion in Memphis named as?
Q.6 Which profession Elvis briefly took before taking music as a full time career?
Q.7 Elvis Presley's favourite food was Peanut Butter banana sandwitches, mashed potatoes and cheese burger. What was his favourite beverage and his song "All Shook Up" was inspired by it.
Q.8 Elvis Presley's had many hobbies like gokarting, numerology, gospel singing, monopoly but one hobby he picked when he was drafted for US Army and served for 2 years and he later started using it in his shows. What was it?
Q.9 Elvis Presley's served US Army for 2 years (1958-60). Where was he stationed outside US? He met his wife Priscilla here.
Q.10 Elvis Presley performed only thrice outside US. Which country was it?
Q.11 Elvis Presley used to collect certain items as hobby. The topmost was collecting official badges. He had police badges from almost every city he sang in and a federal narcotics badge from President Richard M. Nixon. Name what was the second most collectibles he had?
Q.13 Graceland, Elvis Presley's house is the most visited private house in US other than one of the following.
Q.14 Elvis Presley had 18 US no. 1 hit singles and 37 top 10 singles making him the best-selling solo artist in the history of recorded music. But what is so special about these songs -- "Something", "Yesterday", "Hey Jude", "Get Back" and "Lady Madonna".
Q.15 Elvis Presley was not very favourite with Grammys. He was nominated 14 times and won 3. At the age of 36 Grammy did something to him. What was that?